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The QuenTle Bandwagon

First of all, two things: Happy Valentines Day to one and all and Happy Lent to all the Catholics and other practicing Christians out there.

Starting two days ago, we finally have our first taste of our Hime-sama’s upcoming album, starting with the classic adorable OPM track Mr. Kupido. While we still get to see her in Toda Max and the MyrPaul1 tandem is still alive and kicking, we now have another pairing that every Myrtle fan here and there have been jumping in to the bandwagon: QuenTle.2

There’s nothing wrong with jumping the bandwagon, after all, you really can’t deny QuenTle’s unexpectedly sweet chemistry in the Mr. Kupido music video. The difference between this video and Myrtle’s past music video Your Name with Young JV was that in the Your Name video, Young JV and Myrtle are mainly singing (and rapping) with everyone else are “making love in the club.” Mr. Kupido, on the other hand, actually has a story. The MyrYoung pairing was simply a one-hit wonder once the year 2012 ended.

What of Kittle and Myrves?

From the grapevine, Kit Thompson is involved with his own solo projects with other pairings (namely Jame Oineza and from here and there, Hope Soberano). Kittle fans don’t seem to be bothered with the “separation” between Myrtle and Kit, which only tells us one thing: these fans support both individuals with their projects no matter who they’re being paired up with. Kittle is on hiatus at the moment, maybe?

That other pairing, known as Myrves.3 How do I put this in a much friendlier way? Just like in the past, sorry to say, the fans of this pairing are the only ones who complain and complain and complain whenever ABS-CBN/Star Magic pairs Myrtle up with other dudes aside from lin— Yves Flores. It didn’t matter to them whether if was a small-town idol or a big-named idol such as Paul Salas and Enrique Gil, if it’s not Yves, it’s nothing for them. And you wonder why these people call themselves fans and “supporters” of Myrtle and her individual projects. I did notice a pattern though: they will support any of Myrtle’s individual projects but they still pine to have Yves somewhere included/guest in those individual projects.4 Sure, many of them support her upcoming debut single Mr. Kupido, but when it came to the music video?

Sorry, Myrves fan(tard)s. This is 2013. This year is the year of Myrtle Gail Sarrosa alone.

And in the end…?

For sure Star Magic will be trying out plenty of possible pairings for Myrtle in upcoming future projects, but today, it seems a whole massive bandwagon fans have been looking forward to seeing the continuation of the QuenTle pairing in upcoming projects. Princess and I had just ended and Enrique/Quen as of now seems to be free. For sure there’s going to be plenty of surprises in store for our hime-sama and for all her dedicated fans.

Guess what! I’ve gotten a few of my non-Pinoy fanfic-writing otaku friends falling in love with Mr. Kupido!

Now that we all have seen the video, now as fans we need to do what must be done:

Vote for Mr. Kupido on MYX! Simply log on to MYX, log in or register and account, and type in Mr. Kupido – Myrtle Sarrosa feat. Enrique Gil to cast your vote! If Your Name was able to reach the Top 10, we can do the same for Mr. Kupido, except let’s push it to reach #1!

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  1. Myrtle and Paul Salas []
  2. Or was that QueTle? Anyway, it’s Myrtle and Princess and I‘s own Enrique “Quen” Gil. []
  3. Myrtle and lin— Yves Flores. []
  4. Sorry, Yves is no otaku. Don’t count on that. []

Homecoming and the Thing About Love Triangles

First and foremost…

It’s been confirmed that Myrtle-himesama will be heading back home to Iloilo for two days this weekend for a short homecoming. Sadly, she isn’t there to have a grand homecoming, but rather she is there for a more serious matter— education. On Friday, she will be visiting the Angelicum School Iloilo and on Saturday, she will be visiting her current alma mater, University of the Philippines Visayas. On Sunday (assuming), she will be heading back to Manila to proceed with the projects that’s lined up for her.

… And so it’s confirmed…

The new and currently running teleserye1, Kahit Puso’y Masugatan2, has finally revealed that Myrtle will be part of the supporting cast. Not much details is known what her role may be, only except that the big fuzz around the social media that she will be involved in a love triangle with fellow ex-housemates, Kit Thompson and Yves Flores.3

Let’s just get straight to the facts. It’s only in the Philippines that you will find people who mind the businesses of other people’s “love lives.” It’s only in the Philippines that people get nosy and demanding when it comes to other people’s personal lives, especially if it involved romance. It’s only in the Philippines that when one celebrity does something wrong in a relationship with another that said celebrity would have a tarnished reputation towards the common people. Just to keep things short, it’s only in the Philippines that the whole “love team” concepts mattered in showbiz more than their work and accomplishments that they have done to contribute to showbiz.4 Sad, but true.

Here’s the thing. I really don’t see the big deal is with the whole love triangle thing in a TV soap series. If I were the one watching and became a total fanatic of the show, I would surely care about the love triangle between the three characters involved. The keynote of that is characters. Myrtle, Kit, and Yves would NOT be acting as themselves in that series and for sure that everything that they do in that show is, well, obviously, an act. The problem with Filipino fans in general (in general, not all) is that they always equate the roles of these actors portraying to who they are in real life! For example, if there is a love triangle in the show, they automatically assume that there is also a love triangle in their real life.5 They can’t differentiate the difference betwen fiction and real life anymore. It’s a bad habit, but being Filipino, this is how a part of the Filipino mindset is like.

So, what do you all think? Share us your thoughts! Register in our site so you can leave your comments here.

  1. Filipino soap opera/drama series for all the non-Filipinos out there… []
  2. For those who don’t know Tagalog, the literal translation is “Even the Heart Becomes Vulnerable/Fragile” []
  3. Hello. I’m Adri, one of the founders of the M-Senshi. I’m a SOLID MYRTLE fan and sad to say this, but I don’t like neither Kit or Yves. Here’s a mini-warning now. Don’t expect me to say anything cool or “nice” about those two. []
  4. Just to let you know, I was raised in the U.S., where there’s no such thing as “love teams” and no one cares about other people’s personal lives, most especially with celebrities or public figures. []
  5. Only the Jejemonic retards would think this. If you think this way, then stop thinking that way. []